The cafe comes in the concept of Flying to the Sky plane. The cafe line can't be missed.

Because the shop has a lot of photo angles. From the front of the shop to the top floor, the story is packed, it's like coming to the airport. which during this period he will fly to travel the world of magic How will it be? You have to follow and see for yourself. Ready to open a new legend with Bingsu Saimai, oat milk, healthy recipe ?Healthy? No cow's milk and sugar. Super comfortable. Served with imported premium international fruit ~120-160 Kcal only (from normal bingsu is ~ 500-700 Kcal). First and only place at Heathylicious Cafe. Best selling menu. : Oat Milk Cotton Bingsu, Japanese Melon and Oat Milk Cotton Bingsu, Grape, Sine Muscat, Japan * Healthy for all menus*

Opening and closing time Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday : 9.00 - 18.00


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